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Hello, UNMCF

posted Nov 04, 2011 21:54:13 by JustADummy
I have spoken to HALO Master 198 in person and I shall be returning to the clan shortly.
I have given him map plans as well as UN combat and trainig plans.
I will see you soon,

DummyFountain27 (No, Im not dead. I set that up with HALO Master to get you guys to learn to appreciate people.)
EDIT: Also as of right now i have no xbox due to Hurricane Irine. Thats where the thing that i was dead came from.
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Mastertheelite said Nov 06, 2011 22:17:41
No one thought you were "dead" unless they're stupid.
And how are you comming back? You sent me a message saying something about him.

>Brigadier Grade 3
>Yes, i own the website.
>Known as Mastertheelite on XBOX live, Steam, and in other major games.
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