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●Forum Updates●

posted Sep 05, 2011 01:11:37 by Mastertheelite
New updates have been applied to the forums

●The Dummynator, known as Dummyfountain, has been banned from the forums.

●Make sure to make a profile pucture, and a signature by using the "Edit Profile" tab.

●You can now like posts, by clicking the forum post and clicking the like button, only if your facebook account is linked to your profile.

That will be all today!
>Brigadier Grade 3
>Yes, i own the website.
>Known as Mastertheelite on XBOX live, Steam, and in other major games.
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JustADummy said Nov 04, 2011 22:09:25
Yo Chris just so you dont get yelled at by Mike, on the MC page, you spelled the title with the wrong word. it is not Core, it is Corp believe it or not
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